Hotel Sunkar


The restaurant is on the 1st floor

Banquet hall "Sunkar" is the perfect place for weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, commemorative events and all dates.
Feast of the restaurant "Sunkar" delight our customers with high-quality dishes, extensive menu and a high level of service.
If you wish to arrange a holiday according to your taste, the staff will meet your needs and develop a customized menu.
Organization of celebrations held in the restaurant "Sunkar" will make you have an unforgettable feeling of this celebration.
Bright and spacious room can accommodate 180 people.

Зал "Венеция" на 2 этаже

Зал "Венеция" - это идеальное место для спокойного проведения времени за чашечкой кофе в кругу друзей.
Комплексные обеды от ресторана «Сункар» порадует посетителей качеством кухни  и высоким уровнем сервиса.
В зале имеются 2 VIP кабинки на 15-20 мест для закрытых встреч, переговоров, и деловых бесед, а так же 2 VIP кабинки до 10 мест для более уедененных компаний.
В светлом и просторном зале смогут разместиться до 50 человек.


The restaurant is on the 2nd floor

Banquet hall is for 100 people, live music, a large number of banquet dishes of international cuisine is offered at the same time with the classic dishes of national cuisine.
Call us and we will help you organize and hold a celebration at any level to suit your tastes: corporate event, wedding, stand-up meal, children holiday, anniversary or other significant event.
Our restaurant is a great place to hold a business lunch, romantic dinner, drink a cup of coffee among the relatives and the friends.



Twenty four hour cozy bar, located in the hall of the hotel, creates a favorable environment for good communication.
Our guests are offered a wide range of luxury drinks, cocktails, a variety of teas, coffee.
In Bar you can use the services of cable TV and wireless Internet.
Coffee House

Coffee House